Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chicago and The BC

Miraculously Caroline was able to find tickets to Chicago Monday, so we all bought tickets as soon as we got home from work Monday night. Tuesday we all headed to the Cambridge theatre to watch the Broadway production of Chicago starring Michele Williams. I imagined the production to be a bit more glamorous, probably because the movie is one of my favourites and the absolute glamorous version of the regional, but overall the production was excellent. Leigh Zimmerman played Velma Kelly and Michele Williams played Roxie Heart. Leigh Zimmerman was FABULOUS! She was perfect for the part. I was expecting Michele to steal the show, not only because of her Destiny’s Child past, but also because I just thought she would be better, but Zimmerman was definitely my favourite. After seeing the way it was intended on stage I fell in love with the soundtrack. The famous songs “All that Jazz” and “Roxie” have been humming in my head every since. The stage was very simple with the stadium seated band right in the center of the stage. The production took place around the band, mainly in front of them, while incorporating them in some of the numbers. The girls costumes were sparkly and black, but different variations of “midriffy” tops, bras, shorts and dresses. The men wore variations of sparkly, black vests, pants, netted shirts and hats. The chorus was fabulous and if it weren’t for Zimmerman, they probably would have stolen the show! If you ever plan on seeing it, don’t expect anything like the movie in terms of costume or set, it’s much less glamorous, the songs and choreography are definitely what make it “Chicago.”

Last night we went to The Big Chill for our farewell dinner. It was a pretty typical EUSA sponsored Big Chill event. The food was okay and the drinks were sparse, but we made up for it by heading to Covent Garden for 99P night at Los Locos. I stayed for a couple beers but then threw in the towel, seeing that I had to get up at 7:30 AM for my last day of work!

I decided to bring in donuts and orange juice for the office today. After saying their “oh donuts are so fattening comment” everyone ate one, and then raved about how good Krispy Kreme is. Archie (our free lance creative at the moment) even went as far as to say “Krispy Kreme donuts really are the Tina Turner of donuts.” So I suppose they liked them. Tonight we are going to see Romeo and Juliette at The Globe Theater. I was looking forward to it, until last night I was informed it is a 4 hour production, standing and our tickets were only £5. We decided we would stay for a couple acts and then head back to Nido to get ready for our last night out in London! We don’t have any plans yet, but I’m SURE we will come up with something interesting to do. Only 1 night and 1 day left...and it’s full of adventure, so get ready!

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